Currently ranked in the top 20 robotics teams in the world, Barker's Redbacks team have continued their winning streak, taking out the recent China Robotics Challenge, held in Zhengzhou, China.

The team were also awarded the China Robotics Challenge Ambassador Award for their ongoing contribution in helping to develop robotics in China over the past three years.

Barker Robotics students travelled to China at the end of July and were sponsored by the China Urban Youth Robotics Alliance. The team spent four days assisting Chinese teams to learn to build robots, including running workshops on how to organise and manage a build season.

The teams then competed in the China Robotics Challenge in front of thousands of excited parents and school children. The Barker Redbacks were thrilled to see one of the teams they mentored compete all the way to the semi-finals in the competition. Along with Team 1986 - Team Titanium, the Redbacks dominated the quarter finals, posting the highest score of the competition of 520 points.

"We are so proud of all our students have achieved this season, especially as they prioritise helping others learn the skills they've received," Barker Robotics Co-ordinator, Lael Grant said.

"The growth of robotics is phenomenal. In Australia we are seeing year on year growth of around 50 percent in the number of teams competing. In China, it is close to 100 percent per year. Forward thinking leaders are quickly realising that Robotics is an incredible way to inspire and motivate students to excel in STEAM subjects. At Barker we've seen first-hand the impact it has on student engagement and performance, so we love to help anyone who is interested get started."

Barker will host the VEX Robotics Tournament in Sydney later this year.