Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

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The School year is divided into four terms, beginning in January, April, July and October. The year's fees for Year 12 students will be invoiced and payable during the first three terms of their Year 12 year. Fees for all other Years will be invoiced and payable at the commencement of each of the four terms.

All fees are payable in advance. The last day for payment of fees in any term is the tenth School day after the term begins. If you would like to pay by Direct Deposit or prepay fees for several years in advance, please contact the Accounts Office and they will assist in this matter.


A reduction of 5% will apply in the case of each subsequent child attending the School at the same time as his or her older sibling. To be eligible for the reduction, children must be in attendance simultaneously.

Special provision may be made for the children of Anglican clergy in certain circumstances.


Attention is directed to the necessity of giving the Head of Barker a full school term's notice in writing of the intention to withdraw a student from the School. In default of such notice, one term's fees will be payable.

Students accepted for boarding places are expected to continue to attend the School as Boarders. Boarders may only become day students with the approval of the Head of Barker and then only at the end of a School year and after a semester's notice in writing has been provided.

Tuition 2017
Tuition Fees Per Annum Per Term
Junior School Pre-Kindergarten 4 Terms $18,940 $4,735
Junior School Kindergarten 4 Terms $20,840 $5,210
Junior School Years 1 to 2 4 Terms $22,140 $5,535
Junior School Years 3 to 4 4 Terms $24,890 $6,222.50
Junior School Years 5 to 6 4 Terms $25,890 $6,472.50
Middle School Years 7 to 9 4 Terms $28,590 $7,147.50
Senior School Years 10 and 11 4 Terms $30,490 $7,622.50
Senior School Year 12 3 Terms $30,490 $10,163.33
Boarding Fees 2017
Boarding Fees
(payable in addition to Tuition Fees)
Per Annum Per Term
Years 10 and 11  4 Terms $29,300 $7,325
Year 12  3 Terms $29,300 $9,766.67

Note: In respect of both Tuition and Boarding fees, if the full annual fee is paid by the due date (15 February 2017), then a 1.5% discount on the annual fees will apply.

Download the 2017 Fee Schedule

Educational Activities Charges, 2017

This charge includes educational and school related activities specific to each year group, including camps and student insurance.

Junior School Total Per Annum Total Per Term
Pre-Kindergarten $888 $222
Kindergarten $948 $237
Year 1 $980 $245
Year 2 $1,168 $292
Year 3 $1,704 $426
Year 4 $1,336 $334
Year 5 $1,916 $479
Year 6 $1,964 $491
Middle School Total Per Annum Total Per Term
Year 7 $2,008 $502
Year 8 $1,888 $472
Year 9 $2,120 $530
Senior School Total Per Annum Total Per Term
Year 10 $1,864 $466
Year 11 $420 $105
Year 12 $456 $152
Student Accident Protection Plan

Forms relating to this plan are available on the Parents' page within the Barker portal. Parent Portal login details may be obtained from icentral@barker.nsw.edu.au

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