The Squad Program at Barker College was established in 1994. Its aim is to nurture and develop all swimmers dedicated to achieving improved fitness and performance. We create a fun, safe, family oriented environment where each level of swimmer may progress.

Coaching Staff

Professionalism and enthusiasm are hallmarks of the coaching staff. They possess a wealth of knowledge in competitive, open-water surf, and masters swimming. All our senior coaches are nationally accredited with the Australian Swimming Teachers and Coaches Association.

Squad Swimming

Swimming provides aerobic endurance and is a beneficial form of cardiovascular exercise. It enhances natural flexibility, superior coordination and is the most injury-free sport for children. Swimmers learn about self-discipline, sportsmanship, goal setting and achievement, as well as time management skills.
Through perseverance, swimmers learn to overcome adversity and deal with the inevitable pressures of life. Swimming encourages a positive attitude and creates habits that will remain with a student throughout their life.

Squad Levels
School Swimming Squad

This squad is where Barker students will prepare for school based racing as part of the schools sports program. Swimmers will be involved in a number of invitational carnivals as part of the selection process for the ISA and CAS Swimming Championships.

Red Squad

This squad provides the opportunity to further develop techniques as well as cardiovascular fitness. Swimmers are encouraged to compete which will allow them to gain further skills and experience.

Bronze Squad

Swimmers in this squad have shown they have considerable swimming ability and the desire to become more involved in training and the competitive aspects of swimming. Techniques are further developed and swimmers are encouraged to race at School, District and State Championships.

Silver Squad

This squad is a natural progression for swimmers who strive to compete at State and National competitions. More commitment is expected and land-training is introduced to enhance swimming performance.

Gold Squad

Swimmers training in this squad are expected to make a full commitment to the training and competition schedule. Continued development in techniques, physiology, biomechanics and psychology are key components of this group.

Squad Timetable 2017

Term 3 2017 Squad Timetable