Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs

Holiday Intensive Learn to Swim Programs

The Swim@Barker intensive holiday program is designed to fast track your child’s development in the pool.
By swimming every day for one or two weeks, your child will consolidate and significantly advance their swimming skills. It's just like doing half a term or a full term (60 min lessons) in one week!

If you are new to the swim@barker program or considering enrolling for next term, the holiday intensive program is a great kick-start to your swim@barker experience.

The program involves five (5) consecutive days of swimming. You can choose to swim in either Block 1 and/or Block 2.

During each holiday period we offer 30 minute standard lessons for Jellyfish; and either 30 minute or extended 60 minute lessons for Seahorse, Octopus, Penguin, and Turtle levels. All Goldfish, Dolphin and Transition classes are 60 minutes duration. If you are interested in 30 minute private lessons please complete the enrolment form including payment and then contact reception to book a suitable time.