Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

Barker believes that all students deserve to enjoy an enriched curriculum experience.

Therefore, academic enrichment programs are available to all students regardless of academic ability.

Programs are designed to enrich and enliven the curriculum and to support academic development. Barker students are fortunate to have access to a broad range of enrichment programs, many which are delivered through the normal process of teaching and learning. These programs are built into departmental programs of study and are accessed through classroom teaching and learning. 

Our students are enriched by their participation a wide range of academic programs including: Academic excursions, subject specific immersion events (Vietnam Day, Maths Week, and Languages Day), the Hearts and Minds Philosophy and Rhetoric program and a range of visiting speakers.

Other academic enrichment programs are available to all but may only be accessed some students. Examples of these programs include: subject specific academic support, Focus On, Public Speaking and Debating, Robotics and lunchtime clubs and associations.