Leadership and Service

Leadership and Service

Learning to collaborate and innovate, to solve problems and to provide experiences that engage and inspire is a priority at Barker.

The School has introduced several initiatives that focus on service partnerships both in the School and that will help to develop the leadership skills of our students for a life beyond Barker.

Triangle Effect

With the aim of building stronger connections between Barker’s students from the Senior campus and Darkinjung Barker, The Triangle Effect, was established. Students have been participating in a peer mentoring program which focuses on three areas - leadership, mentorship and fellowship. This service partnership involves a fortnightly reading program where Senior students read with Darkinjung students. There is also a weekly game or activity prepared by the students in order to cultivate community and shared experiences.

Social Justice

The appointment of Social Justice Captains has helped to develop a greater focus on service partnerships in the School. Service Partnerships is a school-wide approach to service learning that provides all students with opportunities to partner and serve both within the school and beyond. There are many service learning programs at Barker that offer leadership opportunities for all, including:

Hampers For Hornsby

Students encourage all members of the Barker community to donate items for hampers that will be given to St Peters Anglican Church, Hornsby, for them to distribute to members in the local community in need.

Barker's approach is to prepare its students to become confident leaders in a changing world where complex problems will need creative solutions.
Time Out

A student run program that teaches basic basketball skills to students with a disability in the local area. This program is designed to build connections with and empower students with a disability.

Clarke Road School Partnership

Each week a team of 20 or so Barker students are invited into the classrooms at Clarke Road School to build relationships, assist staff and reflect on their own learning.

Service & Leadership in Timor-Leste

This leadership and service opportunity is in partnership with Rotary Australia, who have established long term connections with local Timor-Leste Communities. Barker students are involved in teaching English to children in the local communities, as well as supporting the running of the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) - a Youth Leadership Conference coordinated by Rotary Australia.

Red Shield Appeal

Students from Barker, in partnership with Pennant Hills Rotary and The Salvation Army, contribute to the annual Red Shield Door Knock appeal, that raises upward of $4,000,000 each year.