Darkinjung Barker

Darkinjung Barker

In 2016, Head of School, Mr Phillip Heath, was instrumental in the establishment of the Darkinjung Barker School for Kindergarten to Year 6 Indigenous students.

Located just 20km from Wyong, Darkinjung Barker occupies the site of the original Yarramalong Public School, which was first opened in 1870. This picturesque site provides ample space for the students to run, play, explore and learn. The establishment of this unique school is the result of the support of the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council and the Council of Barker College. Local community, parents and guardians, staff members, students and alumni have also been involved since its establishment. A priority for Darkinjung Barker is the development of strong foundational skills in literacy and numeracy for Indigenous students from Kindergarten to Year 6, with the intent to instil a confidence to learn and a desire to learn.

Darkinjung Barker recognises the importance of upholding Aboriginal cultural identities as we strive to close the gap educationally. The School is an educational model that is unique in Australia.

Darkinjung Barker is an educational model that is unique in Australia.

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