Coeducation at Barker

Coeducation at Barker

In 2016, the Council of Barker College announced that commencing 2018, Barker will begin the transition to full coeducation.

It is a very exciting time in the history of our School. This move will complete the Barker coeducation story which began in 1890 when girls were part of the first enrolment of the School and then continued in 1975 when girls were enrolled into the Senior School.

We are focused on the future; we want all Barker students to come together to make the world a fairer place and this commitment to justice and equity begins at school. Coeducation prepares students for life beyond the School Gates and therefore a Barker education prepares students for life.

We are excited about the future of education at Barker and the invaluable opportunities coeducation will provide use to fulfil our vision of being a leader in Christian education that inspires global hope.
Fully Coeducational by 2022

Places for girls in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will be offered from 2018, for Year 3 girls from 2019 and for Year 7 girls from 2020. Discover more about enrolling your child.

Did you know?

Mary, Lois, Kitty and Lottie Bowman were enrolled in 1891 as the School's first female students.